Sample Testimony Letter

If you cannot attend the hearing to turn in your testimony personally, please make sure your email arrives before the January 27th hearing.

Template and Email Addresses

Below is a sample template you can use to craft your written testimony, and the email addresses of the joint committee chairmen, co-chairs, and members.

EMAIL SUBJECT LINE: House Bill 4272 Testimony

Joint Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure

Hearing Date: January 27, 2020

Honorable Tackey Chan, Chair 

Honorable Jay Livingston, Vice Chair

Honorable Paul Feeney, Chair

Honorable Senator James Welch, Vice Chair

Honorable Committee Members


Testimony in support of:

House Bill 4272: 

An Act Relative to Horse Racing Within The Town of Great Barrington 

Submitted by:

(your name and address here)

Dear Honorable Chairs and Honorable Committee Members,

My name is (your name + business name if a owner) and I live in (your town name here)

Great Barrington voters at the Special Town Meeting on December 11th 2019 overwhelmingly voted for the Home Rule Petition to be sent to the State House to become law. I ask that your committee approve House Bill 4272.BecauseMassachusetts is a home rule state, I humbly request that you follow the will of the Great Barrington voters in this democratic process.

(your BRIEF personal/professional reason for supporting the home rule petition on horse racing in GB)

We hope that each of you will approve and continue to support H4272 after it passes out of your committee.

Thank you for your consideration and for this opportunity to give testimony on behalf of House Bill 4272. 


(Your Name)



House Chair: Tackey Chan

House Vice Chair: Jay Livingston

Senate Chair: Paul Feeney

Senate Vice Chair: James Welch


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